Thursday, March 24, 2011

Polymeri Online 24.3.11

Wall cakes's store is full of wonderful hand crafted decorative switch plates.
Her story reminds me a little bit of my own, when she lost her job she re-discovered her love of art. She says that "losing something is sometimes the best thing that can happen to anyone". As a teenager, she took classes, made things on a loom, watched and helped, her mother and aunt ran a small business making ceramics. Her inspiration comes from the mediums she works with. Polymer clay can be whatever you want it to be - so true.

Olena Mysnyk is a 26 year old designer, studied architecture in Kiev, but once found herself in creating jewelry - she tried to work with polymer clay and could not stop. She creates delicate, bright and tender flowers made into beautiful jewelry.

Katie Oskin has been crafting for the majority of her adult life, but about 2 years ago she began to experiment with polymer clay. Since then she has fallen in love with its affordability, its multi-purpose uses, and the relaxation it provides (squish, squash, bake, crack, paint, oil, cure, etc.) Their designs are mostly whimsical, fun, and humorous in nature. From the cute & cuddly, to the monsters & robots!

Amy was always into the arts in one way or another since she was a toddler. Her latest obsession is working with polymer clay. She has been trying different techniques & experimenting, but still pretty new at it. She loves sea creatures, mainly cephalopods. Octopus & squid are her favorites as you can tell by looking through her shop.


  1. I had so much fun checking out these stores! Thanks for the links!!!

  2. I also loved all 4 of them! they are wonderful each in his own unique style!
    thank you :)

  3. Wow Iris! Thank you for mentioning me. I just saw this post. I appreciate it. Thank you!