Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hemisphere Quiz - WINNER!

WOW! 110 comments! So many creative ideas from such creative people!
This guessing game was so much fun, with every comment I discovered a new way to use my "things" :)

These new "things" are the a part of a new and exciting tutorial launching this Friday - Here is another sneak pick to the final project ~The Brocade Hemisphere Tutorial~
THAT'S ONLY 1 project out of 4 included in the tutorial!

Can you tell what they are now?

Only 9 of you were very close to guessing what these small half "bowls" are planned to be -
guesses like "jewelry box", "pill box", "wedding ring case", "Box topper" were almost it, all of your wonderful ideas can be easily executed with the new tutorial, but no one mentioned a pouch or a purse - what they really are :) I know it was a tricky quiz but that's the best part of it - imagination!

BUT! I couldn't leave this fun game without a winner!
All 9 "finalists" in the order they commented - Anna (9), Fymux (49), Melitta (50), Phil (54), Cherie (69), Debbie McLelland (71), Webdzynz (85), Eclectic beader (91) & Judit (110) were entered into a random number picker and the winner is....

Congratulation! :)

The 8 "runner ups" will receive a 20% discount when purchasing the new Vol. 25 - Please email me and i will be happy to send you a discount coupon.

For all the others, you still have a chance to win -
Christine Dumont from "Voila" website is having another "launch party" - and 2 additional lucky winners can get a FREE copy of the tutorial! all the details in "Voila" site.

An official announcement with all the details, photos and other deli's will be posted here on Friday -

Stay tuned!