Monday, August 15, 2011

Polymeri Online 15.8.11 | Scorpions ahead! Fairy doors, Psyzoo animals and play with some paint!

Stephen Lavedas is an amateur sculptor. According to him, he has no formal art training (unless you count one class in 8th grade). He sculpts in polymer clay as a hobby and is a software engineer by trade. I hope I'm not disappointing Stephen but every time I see a scorpion near my front door (and we have quite a few!), I'm **** the hell out of it. wouldn't want to meet it inside my slippers! Take a look at his various galleries, some dedicated to his sculpturing.

Here is another polymer clay project of a fairy door from "cut out and keep" website, this project is by Lisa H.

Ekaterina is a young artist and fashion designer, creator of handmade clothes, accessories and the russian project Psyzoo. Psyzoo is based on cool, funky jewelry featuring animals of all kinds - cats together with elephants and some creative imaginary animals seen only in Ekaterina mind :) cool!

and a cool painting tool when you're in the mood, I found this flash app in this website
wonderful to play with the children or just for ourselves! Click the link to get the code to your website.

Tomorrow I'm going to have fun with my 12yrs old boy celebrating his birthday, hope you're having fun as well! :)


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