Saturday, November 6, 2010

Polymeri Online 6.11.10

Celine makes adorable decor made entirely of polymer clay, she is also into mosaics, she loves creating using various materials, and the final piece is a wonderful mix media jewel.

chickiegirlcreations / Janet specializes in unique handmade accessories, currently focusing on hairsticks and polymer clay jewelry, i loved her pendant line!

fliepsiebieps1 / Esther has been creating all sorts of figures (a lot of penguins!) and slowly started doing more and more custom wedding cake toppers. Her toppers travel all over the world :) they are sooo cute!

Martina Mahdavi from Austria, has a wonderful tutorial for an origami ship! so cool! follow the photos for each step, you can move to the next/previous photo by clicking the arrows on the right side of the flickr page.


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