Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery revealed - Disc-Chic Jewelry!

Finally! the Mystery revealed!
Only 50 lucky people will know how to create my one-of-a-kind Disc-Chic jewelry - Be one of them!

All the secrets you wanted to know about my one-of-a-kind Disc-Chic jewelry are offered in a one-of-a-kind kit - tutorial and videos!

Today i am revealing my biggest mysteries, Disc-Chic jewelry.

They were featured in many sites, magazines and books and sold as quickly as they are placed on the table.

Their refreshing concept, luxurious style & fancy look is what made them so appealing and very popular.

I really found them by accident, a friend showed me some metal parts taken apart at a tech lab, he wanted to throw them away for recycling, i immediately told him i will make sure they will recycle in the most respectable way!! in my polymer clay studio! :)

Their “bezel-like” characteristics made them perfect for making beads, being made of metal made them perfect to combine with polymer clay, plus, their "donut-like" flat shape are ideal for stringing them in fun creative ways.

Donut beads are a challenge for stringing because of the need to make them lie flat, so i thought of elegant ways to make them into jewelry - All the necessary information on creating these amazing jewel pieces is gathered in a comprehensive all-levels tutorial and step-by-step videos!

It took me 2 years to build a winning jewel piece!
You can make it within 2 hours tops!!

So...Get ready to learn all the secrets and enjoy the "WOW" you'll get from every one looking at it, no one else has it!

p.s. - This unique offer was never seen before in PolyPediaOnline, THIS is your one opportunity to learn something only 50 people will know... :)

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