Thursday, November 11, 2010

Polymeri Online 11.11.10

Elise's blog (france) has a great collection of her own polymer clay creations and even wedding invitations and polymer clay hair decorations she made as a bride - wonderful! she tells about herself that she loves every art form - painting, pottery, beads, collage paper towels, candles and recently polymer clay!

Macaroon tutorial on youtube by CheilyStuffz, with a simple trick of using a tooth pick she makes this cute desert out of clay - check her other tutorials, some of them are real cool!

Candy like beads tutorial from "madmoizelle" site -

I found a nice demonstration of glass window art using liquid polymer clay and polymer clay - Designed and presented by Shirley Rufener - although the camera is a bit far, i am sure you can get the general idea -


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