Thursday, May 8, 2008

Polymeri Online 8.5.08

I'm sure you've seen Cynthia Tinnaple link on the Iterative Algorithmic Polymer Clay
well, try that with cookies - real cookies?

For all you "i'm afraid i don't know how to shoot good photos" (i'm in too by the way) here's a 1 minute light tent with only a few facial tissues -

Abstracts fimo rings, by Dominika Naborowska / Dominika, she is from Poland, she likes contemporary jewelry most, including sculptural pieces from found objects and different unexperienced materials.

Using seedbeeds in designs is something i started too, it's such fun and it upgrades any piece.

Clay Illustration by Paul Moldovanos - The Clayman's Funhouse, The Clayman's 3D Cartoon artist is making Illustration, Character Design, CG and Stop Motion Clay Foam Puppet Animation and more! He's from Vancouver, BC, Canada

If you're looking for fast & easy children/adults figures to sculpture, here's a page you can take ideas from
and here are some more -

as_art_up / _andrea from Germany makes great drawings and some fimo too! her sketches makes me want to make a millefiori cane :)