Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polymeri Online 29.5.08

Jana Benzon in Israel! :) and what a festival it is! just enter our guild page and see how many photos of Jana's canes, inspiration and art! although i didn't have a chance to see her yet :( i want to thank you Jana.

Katie from polymerchick says she is going to be having her own polymer clay business soon. She does custom figurine orders, as well as toppers for wedding, birthday, baby showers, and every other kind of party that has a cake that needs a topper.

Do you know Melanie Mortel glass beads? look at grisble inspiration with her polymer clay beads - isn't that wonderfull?!

a football sculpturing tutorial by litana

Igor Ching San from Brazil is 26, working mostly with Sculpey & Sculpey Flex, his drawings and sculpturings are so cute and funny! (see photo)

Jill Willich have a site full of fantasy art - Dragons, Faeries, Elves and more! After years of being a commercial artist, Jill started creating her art dolls. With the concerns of everyday life; bills, family, health, world issues, she finds adding a little flavor with the humor of her art a great escape. she says - "If my work can bring a smile, giggle or even the hint of a grin to an otherwise mundane day, I feel I’ve done my job."

Amélie is in love with the world of cinema & animation. this is when she started to create her own characters. Her characters are a mixture of the puppets and the animated, produced mostly from FIMO.

Great fimo tutorials by greenimp!