Friday, May 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Barb aka rubarb Fajardo, i don't really know what is the meaning of being "tagged" but i'll play along :)
I just want to say that personally i don't like "chain letters" so since this circle is almost endless (most of us like the same blogs) i am just linking my favorite blogs but they don't have to keep the chain :)
I am reading few dozen blogs each week, besides polymer clay daily and some other blogs that each polymer clay artist probably reads, these are my Favorite Blogs:

Art Bead Scene by Heather Powers -
non polymeri blog - Bent Objects by Terry -
Exploring the Art of Polymer Clay by Janice Abarbanel -
Stonehouse Studio -
Polymer Clay Notes by Susan Lomuto -
Polka Dot Creations by Lisa Clarke -
PetitBijoux * Unique Handcrafted Jewelry -
Imagine Uncommon Things by Kim Cavender -
Nir Shani hebrew blog -
9 blogs and i can list many many more :)

Seven things about me:
1. I love junk food but i usually try eating healthy.
2. I am celebrating my 3rd year of keeping my weight (after loosing 50 pounds/25kg) . I promise i will post photos of before and after one day :)
3. Iam the eldest, i have 2 younger sisters.
4. My 2 adorable children are 12 & 9 yrs, girl and a boy and they are waiting impatiently for us to fly this summer to the USA for my daughter Bat-Mitzva trip.
5. Both my husband an i met during my army service in the Navy and we are together since.
6. I need at least 8 hours of sleep every night - what about you?
7. I owe my love to polymer clay to my neighbour who took me to a 2 hour workshop "learning what is polymer clay". She never worked with again.