Thursday, May 1, 2008

Polymeri Online 1.5.08

Israeli Independence day is a week from today, here is a nice tutorial of our star of david flag, for the patriotic ones among us ;)

On the same subject - Julie Picarello wrote an interesting article about the Israeli Polymer Clay Guild, thank you Julie!

Eva Soehjar is an artist from Cambridge, United Kingdom, she is experimenting in contemporary jewelery design created with a new and original technique. Every piece of her products is crafted and painted by hand to make every piece unique. So delightful!

Mary Tempesta, was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia and living in Italy for the past 13 years. they lived in Denmark and Holland too.

telula68 or CaveLightBazaar is making interesting mosaic art with polymer clay. Her pieces are made of individual polymer clay tiles. Many of the tiles have been impressed with rubber stamp images while others are painted. In place of some tiles she uses beads, glitter or found objects.

Renee Buchanan is a sculptor by passion and a chemist by profession. Her mother (Darlene) and herself started the Ragtree Company together and are expanding this year into soap and candles.