Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jim Jenkins's - "Bognogginz"

It is always like that, when i think i would probably can't find new polymer clay flickr artists, i find it!

This is Jim Jenkins from San Diego, US. He never set out to make little creatures and caricature from clay. When he started he was just playing with modeling clay. As he played he would notice faces and figures looking back at him from the clay. He made them almost by accident, It was just what happened in the clay. From there he continued to develop the creatures and their expressions and their emotions. It is a lot of fun for him! He liked doing his unique little beasts because he had never seen anything like them. It can't be wrong if he made it up, right? From there he developed a back story about the "Bognogginz". The Bognogginzare a race of creatures from a place deep in the swamps of Southern Louisiana called Johnson's Bog. Johnson's Bog is not your typical swamp. It is more a reflection of our society and an opportunity to make comment on things that exist in the real world. He called them "Bognogginz" because they are from a bog and almost all face and head.

Jim teaches the occasional class in San Diego and volunteer at local schools to bring his passion for working in synthetic modeling compounds to young up and coming artists in the area.

Thank you Jim for sharing this info with us, i love your work!