Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Polymeri Online 9.5.12 | Polymer clay jewelry, Bracelet mold casting, Translucent experiments and sleepless nights pendants

After a short break, we are back to PolymeriOnline links for this week -

I found a nice polymer PR in Hacklock blog - "featuring polymer clay as art". I loved Heather's comparison of children drawings vs. professional drawing, it is obviously the same with polymer clay, the more people realize this, the more our material upgrade it's position as an art medium and not a children material.

Heather Blacklock Camera Pendants
You can see more of this Australian artist (Heather Blacklock) in her Etsy site

Del Moro Polymer Clay Jewelry
Among Meredith Dittmar, Shay Aaron miniatures and Pier Voulkus, she featured Del Moro which was featured here 4 years ago, He is a polymer clay designer, chemicist and technologist who works in various techniques and produce interesting designs you'd find yourself taking a 2nd look at. I specifically liked his polymer clay guitar collection.
You can find one of his tutorials in 2008's PolymeriOnline post -

Polymer Clay - Mold Casting
Sweet Willow Designs's blog is full of useful tips and information.  She is creating mixed media jewelry and worked in many different mediums including paint, metal, fiber, fabric and what not. Her studio name, Sweet Willow Designs, is a nod to the many hours she spent under the willow tree in her grandparents' Haverhill, Massachusetts home.
I encourage you to take a look at her other posts, but chose this one to see her 2 steps bracelet mold making. I specifically liked her "saving material" tips on  placing a plug of scrap clay for the center of the bracelet to save on the amount of silicone rubber she'll need to use.
And her Flickr gallery -

Garie Sim Transluecent Polymer Clay Experiments
Garie Sim shares with us his tips "how to improve the clarity of Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)" adding unusual materials! clay softener?  Enamel Transparent Paints - Take a look.

Marjana Polymer Clay Pendant
Last one for today is Marjana from Slovenia, her pendants caught my eye and when visiting her blog she tells us that they were a result of 3 sleepless nights (sick child) and when she decided to stay home (like a zombie), these were her new creations using paints, wood and fimo. I hope her child is feeling better :) I'd be happy to see more of her creations when everyone is healthy.

Speaking of health, not polymer clay related - after getting the beautiful Blurb photo album from our USA trip by the post messenger, (Blurb are great, b.t.w!), I was so busy looking at the photos while walking down the stairs that I.... fell. 
Lesson to be learned, don't look at photo albums when you go down your stairs.
Lucky me, I didn't break anything but now I am walking like a duck.


  1. because I admire your work, I am even more proud of her in this post, thank you

  2. I hope that your leg is getting better

  3. I ve been seeing this kind of craft for long. I think that it is really a creative and new way to express yourself.

  4. Thank you so much for the mention! I'm all blushy now