Thursday, May 17, 2012

Polymeri Online 17.5.12 | DIY Circles texture sheet, Poppies millefiori cane tutorial, Sunny pictorial tutorial and Copper patina meets polymer clay

Copper Patina meets polymer clay
Art Bliss Marilyn Girling explored many areas of mixed media, acrylics, colored pencil, bead work and more. In this link she is sharing with us the creation of a cigarette card (which I had to google to find out what they are!) using copper acrylic paints, black and patina. she uses tissue paper, sculpey and strong backing for this special effect.
Don't miss her polymer clay mosaic made in a hot humid day! I will be waiting for a humid day here to discover such an amazing piece on my studio wall :)
DIY Texture Sheets

Do-Yourself-Texture sheets - Italian artist Elisabetta used cut circles from one polymer clay sheet and placed them on a second sheet to create a cool texture sheet, inspired by Diffendaffer ideas.
She has several more in this set, I also loved her totem inro

Poppies Millefiori Cane
The Polymer Clay Romania team published poppies cane tutorial in their blog, the original tutorial was published in kalinkapolinka website.
You can find additional tutorials in their blog in this link -

There is a passionate group of polymer clay girls team in Romania, I'd love to see more of their creations!
Ayarina's polymer clay buttons

Here is one I found - Ayarina's Etsy store with cute looking buttons!

Advanced Pendant Polymer Clay Tutorial
Another cool tutorial posted in the russian forum by Bobrotermit, photos only but you will see that it requires a lot of carving, back-filling and drilling to remove the un-wanted polymer clay.
A bit advanced but a challenge to understand how it is done using no text at all. 

My foot is healing well, now I can go back dancing in my studio! ;)


  1. am glad your foot is healing Iris!! painful feet are...well painful
    I tried to get to the carving tutorial and the link is broken. waaaaa

    1. I think it is fixed now :)
      Thank u! :)

    2. thanks Iris. and wow to that tutorial. amazing