Sunday, May 6, 2012

Inspiring emails

From time to time I ask myself questions about my future as a polymer clay tutor.

These questions usually come when I am feeling overwhelmed by daily duties, missing some inspiration or just thinking what would life look like when I am 60 and my hands all wrinkled and won't look so great in my videos shoots... (please don't laugh) :)
When I  received Kathleen's touching letter, I knew I am on the right path.

Kathleen, one of my PolyPediaOnline students, wanted to share with me her story and struggle with polymer clay over the years, and how one of my classes "made a difference in her life" as she called it.

Here is a part of her email I wanted to share with you:

...." I have been a stagnant beginner in clay for a couple of years now, all my attempts at making polymer would end in disappointment.

All that I had gleaned in the last couple of years neither excited nor motivated me like your lesson's have. After no joy and so many failed attempts, I was near to giving up

I had seen your promo videos MANY times before but was certain they would be far too complicated & way beyond my meager skill set, so I continually passed them by.....but your never ending creativity & beautiful creations would beckon me, and I would come back time & again to ooohhhh & aaaahhhh over all your lovely creations & of course to see what new & exciting things you had dreamed up. 

It was your Skyscraper tuto that did it ~ one look at all that shimmer & glitter, and I was was LOVE at first sight!
I had to try it, but we are on a very fixed income.
However as luck would have it, we received a very generous tax return, & my hubby said that I could have a portion of said tax return for "mad money".
He saw how happy your "Skyscraper" lesson made me, that he then allowed me to purchase several more of your tuto's.

Iris, your "Skyscraper" lesson went off without a hitch ~ I could not believe it!
My very first attempt was a success ~ Absolutely no disappointment, on the contrary nothing but bliss! It (I made your "Skyscraper" technique into a magnet for my first try!) came out Beautiful and Stunning ~ just as beautiful as your much so that I could actually give the magnet as a gift (I sent it to my Sister! I was so happy & excited....I could not get that magnet wrapped up to post fast enough!)............and, I was so proud to be able to give my beloved Sister something beautiful that I made.

Kathleen's Magnet
So in the end, each tuto that I am so grateful to have purchased from you, I have understood. They make sense to me, and I am having such fun taking these lessons that you have so graciously taught to me, & then in turn create them into my own vision! 

Thank you also for offering these valuable lessons, Your tuto's are worth every penny & so much more, they are indeed priceless to me! I just wish there were more hours in the day, for it seems my work schedule (6 days a week) is never ending, and I have to steal away time to put your lessons into play.

I just had to thank you again for all you do ~ you have made such a difference in my life."

Kathleen H.


Thank you so much, Kathleen, for your moving letter. I can not even express how this letter made me feel.
It gives me so much pleasure to see my students succeed and know that polymer clay and my classes gave them new energy, vitality and joy in their life.
Polymer clay made a difference in my life too.
If you ask me, After breathing, eating and sleeping it should be no. 4 in any list :)

I am taking this opportunity to thank all my students where ever they are, all around the globe, and "show off" their work, giving them the front row and credit for their hard work and creativity!
This post is for YOU!

Tanja Stump's brocade purse
First is Tanja Stump's brocade purse was presented in one of my blog posts in the past, a beautiful combination of technique and design. She has several more purses in her flickr gallery, you may want to take a look.

chicco47 Enchanted flower
Fimomaus Enchanted Garden Cane
Chicco47 also mentioned in my posts, along with her "mini competition" with Fimomaus entitled "who will be the first to create all canes from my enchanted garden tutorial" :)

Suzanne Baer Mosquito Necklace
Suzanne Baer made beautiful Mosquito jewelry with metal mesh, when we corresponded she mentioned that her country is so cold, no mosquitoes are around! lucky her! we've got plenty!

ranita2009 Backgroundless flower cane
Here is a photo of ranita2009's first backgroundless millefiori cane after following my tutorial. She said in her comment: "Now, I have so much respect and more appreciation for those that make millefiore canes. Sometimes, we don't appreciate all the time and effort that the person takes on making them." You are absolutely right, Ranita!

Montse Valle Brocade Collection Purse
singular1a1 - Montse Valle posted one of her brocade collection purses, made in various shapes, sizes and colors. She even made a flat plate/pendant out of the colored sheets!

bijoux cassandra SkyScraper Technique
bijoux cassandra also had great success in her first trial working with the skyscraper tutorial. Here are her first pendants using the technique.

PhiloKralen Brocade Purse
PhiloKralen sent along this photo of another brocade collection round purse made a little different, with millefiori bulzeye and spiral canes all over - every design is a hit with this project.

Angela Barenholtz Brocade Purse
Angela Barenholtz attended one of my "live" workshops in Israel and combined her mokume gane sheets in her purse. The result is wonderful.

Justin Conley Skyscraper Technique
Justin Conley shared the new beads (so many!) made in the Skyscraper technique on facebook, I am amazed by the productivity! wonderful!

Pascale Flores-Laurent Skyscraper Technique
Pascale Flores-Laurent from Belgium made a series of Skyscraper beads in vibrant colors and designs, I loved her focal bead necklace!

FloRaeMe (Joanna) Rose cane tutorial
UK FloRaeMe (Joanna) with her perfect rose cane tutorial, I feel like a proud mom! :)

Barbara's skyscraper bracelet
Barbara Poland-Waters posted a beautiful bracelet with the Skyscraper technique -

Eva Hartmann SeeThrough Technique
Last but not least, Eva Hartmann posted her "See-Through" Bracelet (or is it a napkin holder?) photo, what a wonderful addition to any collection!

I encourage all of you to send me photos of your creations, who knows, you might see them on my next post !:)

Take a cup of water, I hope you didn't dehydrate :)
Thank you for being here!


  1. So so nice to read such inspirational stuff.
    I adore the skyscraper stuff. I used to be a "petal" junkie - not anymore - now I am a skyscraper junkie! Now I just have to find the $ to get the tuto!

    1. That's the best thing about teaching & inventing "stuff", I can change style in any given time!
      Thank you for your wonderful compliments! I really appreciate it :)

  2. Dear Iris,
    I want to thank you, I also feel very honored to be represented at Polymerionline!
    I must confess that I still have not made ​​all the flowers: o (((
    Many Greetings Veronique (fimomaus)

  3. Thank you my friend :) the most important thing is that you had fun and so did i!

  4. Hi Iris, I am Daniela, nickname bijoux cassandra, honoured to be mentioned in your blog!I want to tell a little story. Less than 1 year ago, in a brico store I found a little package of polymer clay but I did not know it at all. I bought it and I looked for informations on internet. So, thanks to yourserves and other polymer artists, I discovered a world of opportunities and I falled in love with this medium. I also started to enjoy to become a very little part of a world where teachers are in contact with students and beginners and they share their knowledge with them with joy. Thank you again, Iris, and sorry for my english.

    1. Thank you Dani for telling us your story :)
      Your English is wonderful, art and polymer clay have no language boundaries!
      Have fun with polymer clay and I will be happy to see more creation of yours...


  5. Dear Iris,
    Thank you for posting my pictures. Kathleen's letter is beautiful and so true. This Skyscraper tutorial gave me hours of pleasure. I am impatient to see your next one!
    Pascale (Perlotages & Cie)

    1. Thank you so much Pascale,
      Your work is so beautiful, the color palette and final results are perfect.
      Thank you for sharing your photos with me!