Monday, April 2, 2012

California Traveling

While sitting for the laundry and dryer finishing their work I am finding some time to tell about my trip, of course in relation to polymer clay as well.

After 16 hours of flight we landed in Los Angeles and had great 3 days (2 of them in "6 flags" park & Universal Studios), needless to say that I am not a roller coaster person so mostly I was enjoying the smiling sun beams and helping the gang with the endless backpack bags (15 to be exact). One of these 3 days was devoted to seeing some of the tourist attractions, the Hollywood sign, stars avenue and the Beverly hills celebrities homes (are they really their homes? ;))

Then, moving on the our next stop - San Francisco we drove through a small town called Cambria and I took a walk along the street when suddenly I saw a familiar sight looking at me through a store window - a big turtle sculpture made by no other then Jon Anderson.
When I walked into the gallery I found lots of Anderson's creations, small and big animals wearing beautiful millefiori canes and looking shiny and elegant.
After telling the show owner I am a polymer clay artist myself she asked me if I want to see them in close and I gladly agreed. I have to say that they are as wonderful as they appear online. All those details, perfection - amazing.

Another polymer clay artist was featuring her work in the same gallery, a local artist called Jolene Chaves which is working mostly with polymer clay as a mosaic medium and combine stamping and texturing to create a framed piece. I couldn't find any details on her on google, but according to the gallery info she is a California native and has been creative in many diverse fields from photography to fabric art. The assembly of her pieces into her final collages is adhered, antiqued, glazed, coated and framed.
What a great polymer surprise!
My family and travel companions were delighted to see quality polymer clay work by these 2 outstanding artists!

Everything is going great and after visiting Alcatraz today we are moving on tomorrow to the Yosemite park and from there to Las Vegas, NYC and home. Still lots to see & buy! :)

Have a good night everyone, I am off to fold the laundry and get some sleep...