Thursday, June 25, 2009

Polymeri Online 25.6.09

Clay illustration - Tammy Durham sculptures wonderful trees and birds, to her they represent freedom and she tries to capture that moment.

Susan Averello from Fantazy Clay is sharing her pixie tutorial with us, this cute figure is just asking me to try!

Claire Maunsell is a professional glass blower for almost 20 years, since the family move around a lot, she have been working with a medium that is much more portable for her -polymer clay has many of the characteristics of hot glass - malleable, brilliant colours, ability to build millifiori canes and more!

Look at this cute Dog cane by Israeli artist Ben-David !

Dumauvobleu from france, is a self taught polymer clay artist since 2007, jewelry designer
and painter. Her unique pendants are made from canes, blends, sheets, textures, stripes and interesting designs.

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  1. Iris thank you for sharing me on your blog! I feel so honored by such a beautiful and talented artist as you. Your blog is so wonderful and full great ideas. With sincere thanks, Tammy