Thursday, June 4, 2009

Polymer Play Days - AMAZING 6 days

So... what did we have for total - 6 days, 6 teachers, 1 polymer play days event, 1 flight from Tel-Aviv to London and back, 2 coaches, 3 classes, 3 groups, 1 robbin hood & castle, and a great swap "Raffle party" with fish n' chips!

Oh my, did i had a good time, these were AMAZING 6 days, full of happy experiences, Adrenalin and energy, smiles & laughs, good food, claying joy, and all the best superlatives i can give!

I got to Heathrow on Thursday after 5.5 hours flight and took a coach to Nottingham where Helen waited for me together with Donna Kato, who arrived earlier; I took my things and went to rest so i can be fresh the next day getting organized for the workshop.
The next day we arranged goodie bags, sorted out the Kato clay which was provided to the students and had a sunny and fun day, the weather was smiling at us all weekend!

Saturday was THE day, we started our workshops and every student took 2 classes per day, we had students from all over Europe: Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Estonia, All UK, Norway, Spain and Israel. they were all so nice! I met some of my favorite virtual (flickr or blogs) friends, so happy to meet them in person finally!

These 3 days were like a dream, i enjoyed every minute! I was surprised to see how many people love millefiori flowers and that I can open up a whole new world to them!

On the last day we had a beads swap & "raffle party" - that was such fun! Dani was hilarious!

Thank you all for making this event possible - to dear Helen Cox who planned and organized every thing perfectly, to my colleague teachers: Donna, Alison, Sylvie, Natalia and Dani, to all my students who were so kind to me and letting me know how much they enjoyed my class!

Make lots of flower canes and paint your world in colors!
Kisses and hugs :)

Photos are here:

and here