Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dora Giveaway - Winners!

Thank you all for joining and sending some or your favorite color mixings!

This was my 1st giveaway and it was such fun!
Yesterday evening i asked my son to join me for the drawing, i asked him which way he prefered - the old fashion way with notes in a basket or the computer way, of course he chose the old fashion way! (it's the same way my 2 children are drawing who is going to get in the shower first! LOL)

Well, i had a real tough accountant on my side, he wanted everything to be perfect - "mommy, don't fold the notes this way, do it THAT way", then we decided we can't let so many people down - "mommy, i would be very disappointed if i didn't win", i told him - "i know sweety, but not everyone can win - what do you say, maybe we let 4 people win?" He smiled :)

after we put all the notes in a basket the game begun: He is closing his eyes (as if he knows someone written on those notes) and chose one at a time :)
1st was - Crazy Nancy

2nd was - Hope131

3rd was - Emma Phillips
4th was - Zabica67
all 4 winners, please send me your address to ship the Dora cane, my email for sending is
thank you all for participating, my son send regards to all winners :) !

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