Sunday, June 21, 2009

Giveaway! Dora the explorer canes!

Last year i made a HUGE size dora the explorer cane, it was a special request from my 2 sweet little nieces and i made so many items from it, but... the cane keeps hanging around and it simply refuse to end!! The 2 girls are now grown up and i can give it away :)

So I thought, why won't i ask some of you guys/girls if you need some?
well, if you want to recieve a free 2 inch cane of Dora's, i invite you to leave a comment with your favorite color mixing recipe of polymer clay, from you own polymer clay "cookbook", just tell us which brand, what colors, how many from each color and what is the final result :) this can be a good resource for other people as well!

I love color mixing!!!
I’ll select 2 random winners in my weekly thursday post of polymerionline!

Let's hear you!