Sunday, September 21, 2014

Polymeri Online 21.9.14 | Olga's architectural polymer clay jewelry, Short (clay) people, Wisdom necklace, Hunger Games collection and Experimenting in translucent clay

Another week has passed (or two...) and I am here with some polymer clay inspiration.

Olga's architectural jewelry
Olga Permjakova’s geometric jewelry make you realize what beads planning is all about. 
In my mind I can see her calculating the sizes, shapes and distances to design her jewelry and placing eye pins in the right spots. 
Circle beads, rectangle beads or abstract beads. All get the same architecture planning.
Use google translate for website translation.

Dave's "short people"
Dave’s instagram gallery is full of surprises. 
As he says - Art is meant to provoke... LOVE or HATE.....
His short people-figures-monsters are sometimes scary, sometimes cute, always interesting in both design and technique. All his work is hand painted and If I am guessing correctly he is starting with a white blank base in his sculpturing. Intriguing.

Collector of (Polymer) Wisdom
Krista Vetra posted a necklace featuring an old person she calls “Collector of Wisdom”. 
To me he looks like a magician, sorcerer or "Saruman the white" from “Lord of the Rings” movie. 
Being a loyal fan of this series (and waiting impatiently for the 3rd Hobbit movie) I loved this piece.
Not sure Saruman was her inspiration (translate is not very clear) but her sculpturing abilities are admirable.
Her blog is full of magical fantasy designs ranging from animals, fairies and more.

Hunger Games in Polymer Clay
Emelisa Perez - Polymer Sisters is a graphic designer, digital & traditional illustrator, painter, photographer & polymer artist. Her polymer clay miniature Kawai figurines are naïve and caricaturistic and I loved her recent “Hunger Game” collection, - Peeta, Katniss and Finnick created as a custom order.  So cute!

Experimenting in translucent
Veldana posted her recent experimenting on creating glass translucent hollow bead. 
She was disappointed to say that previous 20 attempts were tossed to the trash. This one was good enough to be photographed and shared with us.
In her words – “I tried a few with a mixture of Pardo and Fimo Gel (varying the ratio several times). I also tried a few with just liquid clay. Not only was it tedious and time consuming, the beads came out way to thin and not strong enough to string. Even with multiple layers. Looking forward to devoting more time to this endeavor as the results can be very ethereal and beautiful.”
We will be waiting

Take care and have a great week to come!


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