Saturday, October 4, 2014

Polymer clay DiscChic jewelry - Mystery revealed! FREE polymer clay tutorial and video

DiscChic jewellery by Iris Mishly
Secrets aren't meant to stay secrets - right?
At least not when you're teaching and sharing it with the polymer clay community :)

Back when I started my DiscChic jewellery, I wasn't imagining the curiosity these beads will create.

The DiscChic jewellery were created using reused computer components. 

I discovered them accidentally.
An associate showed me several aluminium parts disassembled, he planned to discard them for recycling so I instantly told him i'll ensure they'll be reused in the most outstanding method!! 
In my polymer clay studio! :)

Right after collecting all of them, I started creating jewelry from them.
Their “bezel-like” qualities made them ideal for creating beads & being made of metal made them best to combine with polymer clay.
In addition, their “donut-like” form was fantastic for stringing them in exciting innovative techniques.
The DiscChic tutorial was a hit when it was published several years ago.

Until recently I've kept my components mysterious, however, I'm prepared to reveal my personal little secret and be pleased to see your designs, having fun with these interesting findings.

Who knows, right after viewing my online video you might find a treasure concealed in your office drawers.

So, what exactly are these discs?
Well, they're aluminum discs concealed within 3.25 computer floppy discs,
Yes, those no longer to be found in personal computers, the ones we used a long time ago prior to Dvds or USB flash drives.

Want to see more?
Click here to see the full post, video and a speedy demonstration on how to use them.
I already got dozen responses letting me know so many people still save them and happy to give them a new purpose!

Thank you also Cynthia Tinnaple for featuring my jewellery in PCD!

Have fun and go get some discs!

Polymer Clay DiscChic beads and findings - Flakes technique

Polymer Clay DiscChic beads and findings

Polymer Clay DiscChic beads and findings - retro extruded canes technique

Polymer Clay DiscChic beads and findings - Saturn Galaxy bracelet

See you soon with new pictures of new class samples :)