Sunday, September 7, 2014

Polymeri Online 7.9.14 | Super realistic sculpturing, Phone photographing tips, Key pendants, Wire and sticky tape clay hands and Have a cup of tea

Stan Winstron School of Character Arts posted a preview to a fascinating miniature head sculpturing class. 
In the class Jordu Schell is teaching how to sculpt a hyper realistic miniature head in Super Sculpey. 
There are many classes in Stan’s school. If you are into realistic sculpturing you may find this resource very useful. 
I love the magnifying glasses he is wearing!
You may want to check out the freebies area with additional sculpturing classes and many others using different materials or techniques -

Non polymer but not less important!
In this YouTube video you will find online shop photography tips when using an iPhone (or any other phone). 
White background, colorful background, flat/curved shooting, light tips, angle pictures, 3D shooting and many more. 
This guide is great it you’re too lazy to take your huge DSLR camera off its bag ;)

Kathy Richardson from “Out of Time Designs” took keys to use as pendants! Antiqued, painted and chubby formed – they are so cool!
Kathy is known for her creativity, always taking her knowledge to the next level (she did wonders with the Cosmic Ceramic tutorial) and her flickr gallery is a treat to the eye.

Wire hands? Victoria Minenko lives in  Kharkov, Ukraine. At the time she graduated from the Kharkov National University specializing in land planning engineering, but this didn’t sparkle enough her creativity. Her next professions included graphic design, makeup, florist and since March 2008 - art dolls.
In this class she is using wire and sticky tape along with clay (paper clay but you can use polymer) to form doll hands.  Fascinating!

Last but not least is AnnaOriona with her miniature food and jewelry. In her classes she is going through many techniques and tools. Although in Russian you will definitely learn a lot from her video classes. 
This is her previous feature in Polymeri Online with her hairy cat tutorial.