Sunday, October 6, 2013

Polymeri Online 6.10.13 | Zipper your pendant, Flipped tin foil tray as baking surface, Kate's amazing cosmic ceramic beads, Brrrr..Fleshlettes and Playing with dots

Wait! Wait! Before you throw your rotten tomatoes at me, asking where did I disappear, you will understand in a week or so. I was 200% occupied. Believe me, I look like a chair and feel like a chair after so many hours of sitting...and my chair is not even comfortable!!

But let's leave that aside,
What's new in the Polymer clay world Webosphera?

I'll have to rely on fellow friends and share with you some of their goodies, Eva Susanska found these 2 great links - One by Avalin from polymerclayfimo blog, Avalin is demonstrating a short and fun tutorial for creating a faux zipper for a pendant or any other creation of your choice.

And Kralemie is sharing a simple and un expensive idea to bake your beads on - Use a disposable tin tray, cut it's edges and you have a channeled tray for your pierced beads!
Although she is into crocheting, she is offering her ideas on polymer clay.

Kate's cosmic ceramic beads
Kate Golding surprised me with her BEAUTIFUL cosmic ceramic beads. They are all listed in her Etsy store but if you want to enjoy her gems all in one shot, press on this photo to enlarge. I was so excited to see it!
Art and Craftsmanship have always been a part of her life. Thanks to her mother, who introduced her to a world of crafts and skills, Kate's youth was filled with, drawing, painting, basket weaving, beading, macrame, sculpting ( including 70s version of polymer clay).

Jonathan's faux eyes
Beware of this link - scary stuff -
California-based artist Jonathan Payne has created a series of grotesque-looking sculptures called the ‘Fleshlettes’.
Made with polymer clay and acrylics, each Fleshlette has a unique personality and has been molded to look like a human body part such as the eye, tongue etc. Amazing how realistic this looks, if only we could use these as replacements... Brrrrr, seems like a great gift if you want to scare someone to death!

Kollika's polymer clay owl tutorial
Let's finish with an elegant mini-tutorial; A wonderful owl brooch using thin snakes and balls by Kollika. A tooth pick is used instead of hands/finger. I truly believe that artists who create such a work deserve a medal.

My next post will be (almost) announcing my new tutorial and playing a fun game with you guys. Stay tuned.