Thursday, September 19, 2013

Polymeri Ooooooonline | Polymer clay projects to get you into the spooky Halloween spirit

Although Halloween is more then 1 month away, I have gathered some of my favorite Halloween polymer clay projects and inspiration designs to get you into the spooky Halloween spirit.

Free projects from PolyPediaOnline -

How to create a creepy polymer clay eyeball ring, magnet, pendant or treat bowl

Polymer clay tutorial - spider magnet or a 5 minutes ring
PDF file, you'll have to enter your email address to download the file

How to create a spooky-cute polymer clay millefiori mummy face cane

How to create a creepy chopped polymer clay witch finger to use as a barrette, bookmark etc...
You can see a similar project on this site, only created with a material called model magic, idea is the same and you can use polymer clay.
55 projects for Halloween (non polymer) are included in the link above.

A collection of polymer clay Halloween idea projects by

And for inspiration -
Cool zombie stitch markers by Lady Rando
Cool zombie stitch markers by Lady Rando

How to make Halloween pumpkin beads from polymer clay
here -
and here -

Ann Klocko's pictures
Ann Klocko is a long time polymer clay artist I remember from the day I started doing polymer work. Here are several of her polymer clay picture frames, Halloween themed, to inspire you

Amy's sculpted polymer clay zombie jewelry
Rapscallion (Amy) brings you hand sculpted polymer clay zombie jewelry, psychobilly jewelry, horror jewelry and a variety of accessories.

There are many ideas & projects to choose from, endless links online.
Just Google for your favorite and you're ready for the holiday...

"and yes, there will be blood..."
{Liquid clay?)