Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "Flower Academy" Polymer Clay life-like flower Encyclopedia | Follow Us Into The Garden...

You are the winner of our contest!

You have just won The new "Flower Academy" Online Tutorial set! 
Your prize will be sent to your Email, as promised. We truly hope you'll enjoy it and create many beautiful flowers!

The Flower Academy tutorial is our new, full scale, one and only Polymer Clay life-like flower Encyclopedia! 

Want to check out our garden? Click here & come on in!

I must tell all of you that we were truly amazed, while reading all 138 comments you wrote.
Lots of them were ON THE SPOT!

"Creating a lasting bouquet that never has to be watered, will never lose its beautiful petals, will never fade. Fresh PolyFlowers any time of the year!" (Kris)

"I think the tutorials are about sculpting flowers and seeds, Chrysanthemum, Lilly, Holly, Roses, etc. Perhaps for use as table decorating, wreaths and even Christmas tree ornaments. Can't wait" (Land Dillon)

"I see exotic flowers of stupendous beauty and the opportunity to learn how I too can be successful with new techniques that create exotic flowers and foliage" (Sandra Boyer)

 "Life like flowers!" (Effeemac)

So what is the New "Flower Academy" tutorial all about?

It is about a world of color, beauty & emotions, creating eternal life like flowers, to be enjoyed by all flower lovers.

With the Flower Academy tutorial set you can own any flower you want, any time you want it, in any color, size and quantity, regardless of seasons, weather and availability in flower shops!

 You will learn how-to create 26 different realistic flowers with a striking life-like appearance, no one will believe they are made of clay!

 You will learn new techniques that have been created especially for this tutorial. These techniques will become an inseparable part of your creating knowledge.

As far as we know, this is the only comprehensive real life like Polymer Clay flowers video and PDF Encyclopedia, available world wide!

 This is a all levels tutorial to create your favorite everlasting, always fresh PolyFlowers!

To find out all about my secret partner; how we mixed sugar and polymer clay, and last but not least - How you too can become a polymer play floral master in our Academy,

Come, follow us into the garden; Peony, Rose, Dahlia and 23 of their floral relatives are anxious to meet you! 


  1. Well I wish I had won, but I did make a Good guess! Looking forward to reading more about this tutorial! Thank you Iris! Kris Sterkenburg

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    2. Thank you Kris! Yes you did!
      The link with all details in included inside the post, or you can copy & paste the following link -

      Thank you again for being a part of our floral garden :)