Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Short summary to a wonderful trip - Switzerland-Liechtenstein Classes, June 2013

Teaching in general (and teaching a group of polymer clay ladies and man in Switzerland in particular) is such a rewarding experience.

When teaching a class, I feel as much of a participant in the learning process as I am responsible for presenting the content effectively. A wonderful feeling.

For me, it is important to make sure the students have a good understanding of the material and technique, supplying them with both a toolkit of ideas and class projects, and also, I want my students to become thinkers, active and use the technique and idea to go to the next "what if" step, researching the possibilities beyond.

My Switzerland teaching trip was another proof that learning is mutual, fun and endless, no matter which language you speak.
It was wonderful.

On a nice sunny day, a group of dozens students gathered in the beautiful Liechtenstein, with landscape taken from fairy tales, both Melanie Muir and myself along with Sabine Backer as the ideal organizer, translator and host, spent wonderful 3 days of rock cuffs, skyscraper, INKredible and of course, perfect venue, clean fresh air and healthy appetite!

Look at those clean plates! :)

A visit in Zurich

Liechtenstein's view from the class

With 2 groups, each teacher was teaching two 1.5 days of classes.
I was giving my "INKredible polymer" class as a full day and the Skyscraper technique as a half day.

Students were each taking their own path in creating a design, one chose a round shape, other pointed, third created multi-beads creation - thinkers!


Some of the final pieces

There was one man in my class (only one! How come there are so few men in polymer clay?), Jean Nordmann, a very special person with a very special life mission. I will post about him and his precious humanitarian work in my next posts. Surrounded with lots of helpers he did a great job as well.

And how can we miss a Swiss tradition?
Sabine's sweetest daughter surprised us with a superb chocolate fondu!
The perfect end to a wonderful trip.

I wish to thank Sabine and to all my new and old friends for this wonderful opportunity to see the world, meet new friends I would have never met if it wasn't for polymer clay.
I cherish these moments and think of how small the world is and how happy I am that polymer clay brings us all closer together.

You are welcome to see more pictures from this event on my Facebook,

My next stop is Czech Republic at the end of August.
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Till next time - Tschüss!!


  1. looks like you had a fun trip. Hopefully I will get to take a class with you one day!