Saturday, June 15, 2013

Polymeri Online 15.6.13 | Spanish guitar, Miss Piggy and friends, Smiley polymer clay gnomes, Italian Harry Potter and Altoid-Mania!

Back from my Switzerland-Leichtenstein trip and it was wonderful and un-forgettable. It was my first time in Switzerland and will definitely not my last.
Perfect Tick-Tick Swiss clock organization by Sabine Backer, wonderful people, great food, clean fresh Swiss air, beautiful landscape and I can only wait for my next visit there. Such a peaceful and wonderful country. More photos and stories will be posted soon or if you cannot wait, you can see them on my FB page.

But first things first - Polymer clay inspiration from around the world -

Spanish MomentOComplementO is a multi-technique polymer clay artist - from Millefiori to stamping, beading, jewelry making, leather stringing, miniature food and the list goes on.
Her recent creations is a guitar collection made of polymer clay. This is a personal project of hers and it is a humble tribute to each and every one who loves music.
Not sure what they will become but I can see cool brooches in this electrifying shape!

And another tribute, this time to "The Muppets Show" by Sandra Zurita. I couldn't find more details about Sandra but my nostalgic love to the Muppets and especially to Miss Piggy & Kermit the frog brought such a big smile on my face, I had to share these super cute polymer clay beads.

Tina from The Spotted Tree creates US handmade figurines in the classic style of vintage folk art: Clowns, gnomes, smiley Easter eggs, all with her special signature design and characteristics. Her pieces first come to life with a paper sketch or a layout, then hand sculpted (by her) out of polymer clay. Next they are oven baked, painted, sealed and signed.

Nicolò (Finally a man!) is Italian, from Padova, a 22-year-old student who studies Economics and Management in Venice.
Like many of us when he was a child he used to play with polymer clay, and in 2011 he took his passion one step forward and began to create and sell his creations - miniatures of manga characters, cartoon characters and many more. Harry Potter, Freddy Mercury and the the monster from the Alien movie are only few of his wonderful miniatures.

Ruth Karp, one of my dear students, send me a picture of her beautiful Altoid tin boxes. Her expertise is obvious, when creating so many one can do it with her eyes closed :)
I covered a tin box only once, probably need to do that again, they look like fun!
Ruth doesn't have a website at the moment but in addition to her tin boxes creations she also cover and create masks, lotion bottles, boxes & frames.
If your fingers are tickling, here is a good resource for various tin boxes shapes -

Have a great day! See you soon :)

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  1. Hi Iris!!!
    thank you for your mention in your blog, we are very happy!! because you are a great polymer artist for us, and this proyect "guitar collection" is a proyect very personal for us. Thanks so so much for your admiraton and this place in your blog, kisses :)