Friday, June 28, 2013

Polymeri Online 28.6.13 | Jason's Customs, Mavi's cartooned polymer clay portraits, Ewa's Zoo and white feathers tutorial

Summer is officially announced, but here, in Israel it's hot for more than 2 months.

Heat has a tendency to keep me away from my studio (clay is not behaving nicely during the summer...) but I am working on new projects so the AC is working extra hours...;)

I stumbled upon Jason Simpson's work when I opened an Instagram account few days ago, searching for polymer clay hashtags, then I noticed his bold, unique sculpturing.

Jason says his shop is inhabited by things what comes out of his brain through his fingers and into Sculpey material. He is from Canada and have been sculpting and painting for over 20 years. 
His "customs" (what he calls his ooak creations) are made of polymer clay, acrylic paints, pens, pencils, sculpted, carved and painted. His artwork is remarkable. 

2D polymer clay portraits
Philippines based Mavi crafts are a couple working together creating 2D cartooned style polymer clay portraits, name tags, bag charms and other cute personalized designs. 
Their recent project is magnets for Edgar & Mila's 50th wedding anniversary. So cute!

Ewa's zoo - polymer clay cow
Sculpturing small animals is pure fun to both children and adults. I remember the day I took a local book teaching adorable animals from Plasticine and tried my skills in creating some. How was I? It was ok, not more :) Even my son did better than me.
Ewa from Poland, on the other hand, is doing a wonderful job in bringing to life scenes from the animals view. Monkey on a tree, cow sitting next to her cow friend, all with her sweet talent and clay balls in all kind of shapes and sizes. How could you not like it? Check out her free videos on YouTube and Facebook -

white-gold polymer clay feathers

Last link is a simple and easy project I found online. Feathers are very much in fashion lately! If you're looking for a 10 minutes project for earrings, pendant or just a nice charm hanging on a gift, grab some white polymer clay, gold leafing pen/acrylic paints and get busy. Kelli makes it all look so easy!

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B.t.w - This photo is my illustration made by a friend. The great thing is that I got the skin of a 15 yrs old again! no wrinkles or sun spots! ;)

Have a great weekend!


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