Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shhh... Don't Tell Them It's Faux Ceramics! New PolyPediaOnline Tutorial Cosmic Ceramic

There is a tale about King Solomon, relaxing in his royal patio area, when suddenly a small bee stung his nose by accident, believing it's the most incredible flower in the garden.
After forgiving and sending the little one away unharmed, the bee repaid the kings' kindness by assisting him solve Queen Sheba's most complicated riddles - figuring a real flower from dozens faux ones.

The latest "Cosmic Ceramic" tutorial is focused on creating the most realistic faux ceramic designs created from polymer clay.
Like that little bee, you alone will be able to know the difference.

Earthen clay and ceramics were on my thoughts for some time.

Astonished by it's color & elegance, its outstanding glazes effects, attractive forms, distinctive characteristics as well as functional uses, I always wanted to learn anything about it, but mainly, how to produce the exact same wonder with polymer clay.

My opportunity arrived when I met Hilla bushari, a polymer clay artist and friend that has just finished teaching a mini-class on creating a faux ceramic wall ornament.
We talked about her process and being a real creative spirit, a researcher of polymer clay wanting to extract the best out of it, I realized there was clearly much more to be uncovered.

Hilla and I gladly joined artistic forces, and developed the "Cosmic Ceramic" tutorial collection which will "blow your mind away" if you're a ceramic passionate just as much as we are.

The following course set is focused on earthen clay techniques, created exclusively using polymer clay.

The genuine versus. the synthetics?
We stood up to the challenge and claimed success.

The very first material created in the world, The lord's 3rd day creation;
Second is a chemistry wonder, a mixture, developed by man.

One needs 1200 heat degrees to become cured while the other can not take over 110 Celsius.

The "Cosmic Ceramic" set present our worldwide quest to several worlds as well as nations, countries and galaxies; Inspiration converted into polymer clay designs.
Examining each aspect doable, leaving absolutely nothing behind.

You're just about to uncover just about all there is to know on the ways to use polymer clay to mimic the countless faces of ceramic, pottery and stoneware.

 Let's begin the Cosmic journey!

**  4 Vol. of PDF files; Countless step-by-step pictures;
**    3 unique arenas - Beads, jewellery, home accessories & decoration.
**    19 Video clips
**    20+ Projects
**   Special GIVEAWAY of our own test and sample beads! First 50 buyers!

 PLUS - A pampering kit with Disc, tools and materials!

**   FREE CD with all PDF's and video clips of all projects;
**   An additional gallery of 150 pictures to get a close up look on the completed projects;
**   Applicators and sponges to be used when creating the faux ceramic methods;
**  The key element for creating a PEFECT faux ceramic design;
**  The mystery ingredient necessary to create a brand new type of clay.


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  1. Finally figured out how to post on this blog! I get the daily emails and have never gone to the blog itself. I love the look of the Faux Ceramics and would love to win one of the sample beads!

    1. Thank you Gayle!
      oh, The sample beads are given to each person purchasing the full kit.