Monday, May 27, 2013

Polymeri Online 27.5.13 | DIY Sharpie alcohol inks, Retro Flowers, Sculpted mirrors and more Faux Ceramic by students | Last 24 Hours to Promotion Sale

More from the Cosmic Ceramic Beads -
Gifts with every kit purchase!
First I wish to thank you all for your patience with my messy schedule of weekly posts, the new tutorial preparation, packing and shipping, getting organized to my Liechtenstein classes, daughters' final exams
I wish there were more than 24h a day...
I guess I'll have some rest on board...  :)

2 parts for today's post -
The first part will be our regular overview of my www polymer finds, and the 2nd will answer some of your most common questions about the Cosmic Ceramic tutorial (which by the way,special promotion sale ends today! so hurry and get yourself a copy in the discounted price).

More from the Cosmic Ceramic Beads -
Gifts with every kit purchase!

Home made alcohol inks
using Sharpie pens
There was a talk in the Israeli forum about ways to create your own alcohol inks using... Sharpies! The link was taken from "I am Rushmore" blog by Karen Isaacson - All you need is to break open a sharpie and soak the inky insert in some rubbing alcohol, then place the colored liquid in travel sized spray bottles. It's quick and easy (but she also said it's smelly and messy) ;)
Will you try and let me know how it worked?

Silvia Ortiz De La Torre took the retro canes one step ahead and created this colorful beads necklace. Her colors are always so vibrant!

Athena's Mirror
I do not like the new Flickr interface but I liked Athena Alexs' little pond which I found on her Flickr gallery. Athena (or is it Minerva?) is from Greece and is a third year student and does mainly ornaments, flower sculpturing and canning.
Here is a mirror of hers - so lovely!

Kathy's Mini Houses Beads
Another Flickr find is by Kathy Richardson who was quick enough to produce 2 new creations from the Cosmic Ceramic tutorial - Hippie pendants and super cute mini-houses.
Kathy said she wanted to do some kind of "hippie" type thing so the faux ceramic seemed like such a good fit.
Lot's of goodies in her Etsy store too -

Veronique's Beads
Veronique Hoffmann, which is always the quickest student to produce my tutorials projects, really did it this time. Only 7 days after getting the complete set she posted one of her projects - The "Moon Rocks" beads. According to her she has work expected for the following months!

I've been getting questions about the new tutorial and hope the following answers can clear them out -

Are the secret ingredients can be purchased again easily when we run out?
"Is the ingredient to make a new clay something easily purchased?"

Yes! The ingredients and material we are using in the tutorial are common everywhere. You can purchase it in your own country or order it from us in case you run out.

Quick & light?
or Advanced?

The variety of projects will work for those seeking quick and light projects as well as those who are looking for more complex and elaborated designs: 5 minutes beads? advanced bracelets? In the complete "Cosmic Ceramic" set you will find your personal preferred project.

Do the technique fits any product? Can I still use my signature designs with the new technique?

Yes! The ceramic technique can be adapted onto any design you create even if we did not include it in the projects - various beads, pens, glass covering etc.

Do I need special tools or materials to create the projects?

You will need the basic materials we use in our daily polymer clay work.
In addition you will need soft pastels, chalks and you may need alcohol inks if you want to try new mixes and combinations.

"Cosmic Ceramic" | Vol. 46, 47, 48, 49

=> 4 PDF files; Hundreds of step-by-step photos;

=> Beads, jewelry, home accessories & decor.

=> 20+ ideas and projects,

=> 19 super detailed videos;

=> 6(!) hours of content

==> PLUS - A pampering kit with CD, tools and materials!
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To join the Cosmic adventure, just click the link below

I know you'll love it!
I know I do :)


  1. Iris, funny I just tried the sharpie alcohol inks last week and they turned out beautiful and vibrant.
    You do need 2 ounces of 91% alcohol with each color mixed in there own separate jar and you do need to let it set for several hours before the colors really become vibrant. You won't get the right effect by using them too soon. For the lighter colors I used 1 ounce of alcohol for 1 sharpie. The key here is, the longer they set, the better they get. I tried the inks on polymer clay, baked and unbaked and they were wonderful. The first pen I took apart was extremely messy but by the second pen I was becoming more adapt with the technique and it was not messy at all. I didn't notice the smell or it didn't bother me at all. Again, the key here is to let them set in a covered jar for awhile before funneling the inks into there own spray or squeeze bottle.
    Cost wise, it was approximately in US dollars about $1.75 per 2 ounces vs. $10 for 1.5 ounces of Adirondack alcohol inks. That's a savings you can't ignore for almost the same value.

    1. Thank you! What a great source of info! Thank you for doing the test and telling us about it :)