Friday, May 17, 2013

Polymeri Online 17.5.13 | The Rocky Horror millefiori cane, Plaster mold hollow beads tutorial, Embellished bags and Faux ivory polymer clay art

Polymer clay cane
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Beverley Start is a polymer clay artist since 2009, after she moved to Ontario, a friend gave her a beautiful pendant made of polymer clay. She was fascinated by the technique and went to goggle about polymer. After watching a few hours of how-to videos on YouTube, she was off to Michaels to buy what she needed to get started.
With background in science and engineering, and years of being a cake decorator, her tip for canning is "think three dimensionally".
Here is her "Frankenfurter" cane from The Rocky Horror Picture Show,6758.0.html

Whinnie Poh is sharing with us some of her unique ways for creating hollow beads using molds and plaster or salt dough.
Her beautiful hollow jewelry pieces require delicate technique which gives such an accurate result.
Hollow beads using plaster molds
More of her work here and here .
She gives special directions, tips and "do's and don't" for working with plaster molding. Translation from Russian to English was a bit complicated to understand, if you'd like to experiment I recommend reading her post several times until you feel confident enough to begin :)
Sun and moon wall art decoration

Lisa Rapp started HiGirls! Designs because she wanted to carry handbags that didn't cost a fortune while making a statement about her personal style.
She learned to work with polymer clay first as a way to make beads, then started to discover new ways to use it for practical items, then it become her obsession! Her trademark has become a polymer clay embellishment for each bag.
This is another one of her polymer clay pieces - Sun and moon wall art decoration, Mexican inspired.

Faux Ivory polymer clay beads
Speaking of faux techniques (I am still with faux ceramics spinning in my head), here is a beautiful real but faux store for polymer clay art by Selena Wells, her specialty is faux ivory pendants and beads, ancient-seeming, history-archaeology-like.

In exactly 3 weeks I am flying to Liechtenstein to meet old and new friends and teach 2 of my most popular classes - Skyscraper and INKredible.
Preparations are on my schedule, new jewelry, new samples, I promise to post pictures as soon as they are ready.
Have a great (almost) weekend!


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