Monday, March 18, 2013

Polymeri Online 18.3.13 | Scrap or planned sheet, Inking your findings, Polymer clay tile collage and Millefiori headband

Passover holiday is just around the corner and I find myself doing so many things besides claying. I was also waiting forever for a shipment of materials I plan to use in my new classes and I am also guessing that the overload from my recent traveling demanded some rest. Anyway, now I am back with full powers and there are some exciting surprises ahead.

polymer clay sheet
is it scrap? or a planned design?
Now back to some polymer clay talk -

Look at this beautiful scrap sheet posted in Anne Poncet blog. She describes it as "work in process". Later posts reveal a set of necklace and earrings using this beautiful sheet. The cutter replacing and changing colors makes this sheet a new beginning of a new design. More designs in her blog.

Alcohol inks as the new
 findings painting medium

We all know Alcohol Inks as a material to use on clay, but what about using it on metal findings to color them? Annie Bimur (Anna Kokareva) is using these inks to decorate her findings and the result is wonderful!
You can link to her blog as well for more polymer clay talk -

The Pikes Peak polymer clay guild made a joint project of all(?) or several members to create a beautiful tile collage project. The members created square tiles to be assembled into a larger piece - a woman face. The photos of the process and final product were published on Facebook and you can see them as well. Julie Eakes was the one behind this idea and Sue Mueller was the picture creator.

polymer clay millefiori headband
It's been one of my projects to make a polymer clay headband. I have some blank metal headbands just waiting to be created and still I never used it.
Purpleluggage (Jen from Philippines) created these delicate beautiful millefiori floral headbands and in her post she is trying to explain to potential buyers why they are more expensive then regular headbands sold out there. As some of us know, this long process of millefiori canning along with forming these delicate petals requires a lot of work and that's the result of a real handmade product!
Lot's of great food, dogs and polymer clay art in her blog -