Sunday, March 10, 2013

Polymeri Online 10.3.13 | Dancing switch plates, Martha's polymer clay Easter eggs, Lace buttons tutorial and use your drawer mat for...

Diane's Polymer Clay Switch Plates
An artist from Flickr sent me a friend request and I was intrigued. Dmanzi (Diane Manzi) is the artist behind beautiful mosaic pieces - frames, switch plates and jewelry.
She uses a reverse mosaic style and incorporate other canes of clay designs, faces and flowers. Some of them have dancing figures drawn as a stencil first and then cut out of the clay.

Martha Stewart and Liz Smith
Demonstrating an Easter egg project
I have never decorated an egg before so I enjoyed this easy video tutorial which was posted on Martha Stewart website. Liz Smith demonstrated the process of creating a Millefiori Easter egg.
Martha was all excited about this decorating technique but on the same breath said that this takes quite a looong time! :) But she enjoyed every minute as you will see in her video.

Polymer clay buttons tutorial
Viktoria Slutsky posted a super easy and fun tutorial for making lace polymer clay buttons. All you need is paint, lace and a real button to measure the holes!

A new "brother" to Pinterest is craftgawker. This site is a curated photo gallery that allows a visual search and discovery of handmade arts and crafts to inspire your own projects. You can use the search to view all kinds of beautiful photos, inspiration and future projects.

Colored Pencils
And an outside inspiration as Sage bray calls it - These breath taking pieces, posted in "Daily Art Muse" website, belong to an Australian artist - Lionel Bawden which uses hexagonal colored pencils as a sculptural material, forming amazing shapes. I can see some extruder work here if you're looking for  inspiration...

In my last IKEA visit I saw this cool drawer mat and thought it can be super useful as a.... texture sheet!
I tried it and the result was great!
You can purchase a huge roll of this mat and cut it into smaller pieces to use on your clay. It is flexible, non sticky and the texture is nice as well.
You can see the visual effect of this texture on both Sharon and Rose's name tags.
Drawer Mat from IKEA


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