Monday, September 5, 2011

Polymeri Online 5.9.11 | Santa is near, Neon jewelry, Candy pails and Happy weddings

How do we feel that Christmas is close? Santa canes! this time it's Deb Tuchsen's cane sending some cool air to my direction :) It's still too hot in Israel!

Italian Ilaria Anselmi has a wonderful collection of polymer clay designs in her blog and flickr gallery (mostly delicious looking), she also works with resin and created 'neon' colored designs.

Jessica Hamilton's Halloween doll candy pails are SO cute! Made of polymer clay and 1.5" wide - perfect for small treats!
When Jessica was a girl, she wished her dolls would come to life so she could feed them tiny bread, sew them teeny socks and make their tiny beds. With the exception of the bread, she quickly realized she could do those things without the whole semi-creepy ‘coming to life’ part. Her dolls are amazing.

What better way to end this post with love? These bride and groom by Dorothée Vantorre looks as if they were taken from fairy tales. Dorothée is a French polymer clay artist, a former student of art history and graduated in architecture and the creator of Mad Marquesas, creates jewelry and other designs. She is currently working on her first polymer book! I'm curious to know which tales she will tell us!


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  2. Thank you Irish for your nice article ! It's the second time you write about me, I'm so glad you like my work ! Have a nice day !

  3. Thank you for posting about my Santa Cane. Totally made my day! *hugs*