Friday, September 16, 2011

Polymeri Online 16.9.11 | Sculpted heroes, Pumpkin decoration, Locket Portraits and Art dolls

Michael Leavitt hates making normal art. The Art Army Royalty, his new work, is a project in which Leavitt creates one of a kind, fully articulated sculptures by hand in an “action figure” scale, each in the likeness of a well-known artist, incorporating the style of the subject’s artwork.
Since 2002, this ongoing series of unique sculptures represent artists from every great movement of Modern and Contemporary Art, from Warhol to Banksy.
Each figure is sculpted from scratch in polymer clay, surface-finished and texturized with acrylic paint and mixed media. Leavitt engineers the miniature sculptures with articulating joints, assembling moving body parts with elastic cord so that the figures can be posed.
See Cynthia tinnaple (PCD) post and video on how Michael builds his figures.

Spanish artist Noia Land posted a cool photo tutorial to create a cute pumpkin decoration -
check out her blog for more cute tutorials and art -

Reinhard (Männeken) uses Fimo clay to create perfect portraits of people and other entities, this ability is something I admire so much as I don't have any sculpturing talent :)
Take a look at this photo of him, showing some kind of wooden clip covered with polymer clay to be used as legs.

and speaking of portraits, ClayCatShop special portrait lockets reminds me something from my childhood, their smiley faces, colors and innocence. I love it.

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