Sunday, September 11, 2011

In memory...

It was a year before 9/11 that I stood on the highest floor of the world trade center, looking at the breathtaking view of NYC. That was my first visit in the US with DH, touring the wonderful east coast for 16 days.

A year after that, while I was on a train, getting back from work, I got a call from my mother asking me if I heard. I didn't know anything since I was on the train, and she told me.
I couldn't believe it. Impossible to believe.

In our last visit, 3 years ago, we went to see the area and saw the big sphere, all squashed.

Today, my thoughts are with all of the families that lost their loved ones 10 years ago .
I wish for a better, peaceful and safer world to all of us.

Image by Brian Nieman and adopted by the Library of Congress for their 9/11/01 exhibition.


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