Thursday, October 28, 2010

PolyPediaOnline - Wave your magic wand and paint on clay! NEW tutorial!

I don't know why many polymer clay artists are intimidated by liquid polymer clay :)

This white, gooey, sticky material is some how too scary to deal with? I keep stock of all liquid polymer clays brands but i use them seldom. why? i don't know! i am more attracted to those vivid clay blocks with their intensive colors :)

BUT! we are missing a world of options over here!

In my new tutorial I am demonstrating how to transfer a drawing or a sketch using color pencils or oil pastels into clay - it can be an artistic sketch, the name of a friend, a
photocopy, your own drawing - anything!
We can paint on clay and use it as our canvas!

My tutorial demonstrates 3 eye catching designs -
a sophisticated symmetric square bracelet (the technique of course can be applied to other designs) OR a barrette using the same technique;

a necklace with chic "pastels-silver leaf" style beads;

a quick "canvas" ring with your own drawing - don't worry, you don't have to be a piccasso for it ;).

Each project has it's own tricks and tips for drawing, building (beads), layering, cutting, attaching and many more.

SO... get your hands a bit sticky :) the best way to understand a new or un-familiar material is to try it out! don't think twice and jump in, you may be surprised where it takes you :)