Thursday, October 28, 2010

PolyPediaOnline - Wave your magic wand and paint on clay! NEW tutorial!

I don't know why many polymer clay artists are intimidated by liquid polymer clay :)

This white, gooey, sticky material is some how too scary to deal with? I keep stock of all liquid polymer clays brands but i use them seldom. why? i don't know! i am more attracted to those vivid clay blocks with their intensive colors :)

BUT! we are missing a world of options over here!

In my new tutorial I am demonstrating how to transfer a drawing or a sketch using color pencils or oil pastels into clay - it can be an artistic sketch, the name of a friend, a
photocopy, your own drawing - anything!
We can paint on clay and use it as our canvas!

My tutorial demonstrates 3 eye catching designs -
a sophisticated symmetric square bracelet (the technique of course can be applied to other designs) OR a barrette using the same technique;

a necklace with chic "pastels-silver leaf" style beads;

a quick "canvas" ring with your own drawing - don't worry, you don't have to be a piccasso for it ;).

Each project has it's own tricks and tips for drawing, building (beads), layering, cutting, attaching and many more.

SO... get your hands a bit sticky :) the best way to understand a new or un-familiar material is to try it out! don't think twice and jump in, you may be surprised where it takes you :)



  1. Hi, I own and I'd like you to know that I really like your blog and have added it to my blog list if that's OK with you! Kind regards, Denise

  2. This blog is so informative! Thanks for all the info and help. xoxoxox