Sunday, October 24, 2010

PolyPediaOnline FREEbie for Halloween!

My daughter is so scared of Spiders! we have lot's of them over here, not inside the house of course, they are in our back yard with special colors and wonderful webs!

I've got a new Free tutorial for the upcoming holiday -Halloween, which i am sure is a grown-ups & children's favorite :)

and this time a magical mommy spider with a baby on her back plus, a 5 minutes spidery ring!

Hang those enchanting spiders on your walls, car, or as a magnet on your fridge or wear these bewitching rings :)

If you already Joined PolyPediaOnline, an email is waiting for your with the URL to download the PDF tutorial, no need to register again.
If it's your 1st time - Join the fun!

BIG p.s.
- in about a week i am celebrating my 39th birthday (oh MY, i'm almost 40!)

AND... I am working on a beautiful, new, artistic tutorial....
Get ready for Birthday surprises! more details soon!

have a wonderful holiday with lot's of scarrrrrrry & crafty fun!


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