Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New PolyPediaOnlineTV youtube videos

passover holiday was great! and i had time to play with my new camera, and made 2 short videos -

the 1st one is about warming & softening your clay and canes, i have some real old and stiff polymer clay canes and packages in my stock, some of them since 2007 and older, they are HARD!
I heard about all kind of methods to soften the clay - dipping in warm water, covering with liquid clay, warming your canes in the oven to soften them (yes! i heard that one too!), sitting on clay (not canes :) ) and decided to try my herbal microwave pillow as a "warming facility". I warmed the pillow and placed an old cane inside, and - voila! it was warm and soft!

It's really a great way to prepare your clay to work - instead of making your arms and palms do the job - let the warm pillow do it. I warm my pillow for 2 minutes in the microwave and place some packs inside it, wait for few minutes (while i am keeping an eye on what's inside not to heat it too much) and checking to see it they are soft. usually i don't need more than 5 minutes to soften your clay.
If you put raw clay, i would recommend wrapping it with a plastic bag, so the herbal pillow won't get stains, we can't wash in washing machine it if it's dirty. give it a try! it's great!

The 2nd video is about making polymer clay letters as decorations to a door or a book. i wanted to decorate my daughters' "heritage" book cover project with her name. Every child in Israel when arrives to the age of 13 has to do some invastigating about his heritage and family, the project is quite big and require some nice decoration to the wood book cover.
This project shows you how to make simple letters using cookie cutters, slices of canes and stripes sheet as a background. I know that the sound is a little bit low, sorry about that, but you can see from what i am doing what are the steps.

You can join my Youtube channel for updates on new video's coming up, it's so much fun!
The videos are available in polypediaonline.com site too - http://polypediaonline.com/133688/PolyPediaOnline-TV

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  1. thak you very much!! I had never thought of warming the clay with any other thing that my hands!! It's a very good tip!!