Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to reduce 3 types of canes - 15 minutes video

If you had'nt had the chance to watch my 15 minutes video on reducing 3 types of canes - triangle, square/rectangle and a round cane, i strongly recommend to watch it.

I got many questions asking to see a live demonstration on how to reduce large size canes in all 3 shapes. Sometimes photos are not enough to show the hands movement and this is why a video is the perfect media.
The canes i am reducing are - rose cane, a butterfly wing cane and my signature name cane.
I uploaded an improved sound video, the last ones didn't upload so well, so these ones has a better quality.

Part 1

Part 2

thank you :)


  1. Thank ypu very much for sharing this video, Iris! I had some problems with reducing tiangle-cane last month and I was very impressed with interesting detailes by your tutorial. Thanks againe!

  2. You make wonderfull beads and other stuff from polymer clay. I really like the Polymer Clay Heart Pillow Beads is there a tutorial online of that?

    Katja (The Netherlands)