Thursday, April 9, 2009

Polymeri Online 9.4.09

Cristina Grueso is the fairy catcher in flickr, she is from Barcelona, drawing and

K. Hernandez is a wife and a stay at home mom, her blog has some of her polymer clay art and she recently published her necklace that will be one of the door prizes at the Christi Friesen workshop that will benefit Ada Silapiruti, the daughter of Ponsawan.
check out her flickr site too, she has some cool photos and a beautiful Plum Blossom
Neclkace -

A bit of Inspiration?
Dora Schubert
is a glass artist but her beads is a true inspiration to us polymer clay artists as well, they are beautiful, symmetric and reminds me of Mandalas.

JoAnne Russo is a basket artist for 3 decades now, i just couldn't ignore her amazing and facinating art, i was drawn into her designs and want to see again and again how they are
combined together.

Yesterday we celebrated Pessach, we had a lovely holiday seder and ate great jewish food!
in the meantime, enjoy Shay's good looking pessach kosher matzo! :)

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