Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Passover Adventures!

Boy! that was a busy holiday!
Don't get me wrong, i am not complaning at all :) some of them were very positive and fun, but some are less...

My craft fairs were great, although these days people don't hurry and buy, i had good sales, this year it was the popular Keychains & jewelry (last holiday it was Hamsa-mania), every fair i have new suprises, it's ok, the buyers don't want me to get bored...

Then came friends that bought some more, and... i found myself almost stock-less! no more barretes left, no more "disc-chic" necklaces, "disc-chic" rings!
i am parting from my day job these days and becoming a full time artist so i can't tell you how happy i am.

Passover with family was fun as usuall, matzot, kneydalach, i think i gained some weight, oh dear :( i'll have to loose those kg soon! Gym - here i come!

Plus, I had an ASAP custom order of "health" keychains for a local company, they needed it 1st thing on sunday, so i was working to keep the deadline (and finished!!)

We did have some mis-fortunate insident, My 9 yrs son, twisted his ankle when jumping on his skateboard, so now he is resting with his foot up - who said children are easy to raise?

keeping the good spirit, hope every one had good holidays!