Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holocaust day in Israel

Forgive me for taking today's post to another place, a bit less creative and cheerfull...
Today is the The Holocaust day in Israel.

I heard this story from my grandmother, before she passed away, she was 15 when the holocoust happened, she lost her mother and father, sisters and brothers, she was lucky enough to be so beautiful, the nazi were nice to her and she survived, but i know that her soul was beaten, all her life she cried on those she lost.
My other side of the family also lost my great grandfather, he was killed in Auschwitz.
So many stories... so many lives gone...

Please, there must be another way, no more hate among people, no more wars.



  1. I am so sorry for your mothers pain and the pain in your family.

  2. My prayers go out for all who were lost and all who were so directly effected...we must never forget

    I believe our clay groups broaden our horizons ..but,shrink our world

    because I know you as an artist ,
    the holocaust for me today has a human face

    perhaps we really can change the world
    one bead at a time .... m.e.

  3. Hear, hear! Thanks, Iris!

    This New Age of "Enlightenment" has reached its end. You can only get so bright before you gotta give it back to burn brighter. It's time for each one of us to give it back, and fight hard for truth...yes, even when it hurts.

    FEAR is just ANGER turned inside out. The greatest people changing this world are fearless...through words, works, or ideas. And they take our fear away through hope.


  4. Thank you for sharing some of the tradition in your world, Iris. I know about the holocaust of course, but it was interesting to read about it from a Jewish persons perspective. My husbands father was a child during the world war in Poland and he saw much that he wishes he had never seen and lost family and friends.In Australia, we have a holiday for ANZAC Day, on the 25th April. We commerorate our soldiers who fought for the freedom of so many. Bless you