Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged again - 16 things about me

Tagged again - 16 things about me

1. my original hair color is not red ;) i am changing my hair color every time i dye it, always changing the formula a little and adding some new touch of color, i need this refreshing look every time i look at the mirror.

2. My #1 everyday battle is struggling with weight and forever dieting, i love to eat (but hate to cook) and used to be much more "rounded", i lost 25kg (50 pound) 5 years ago and keeping it since, it's very hard for me, i hate dealing with it but... That's life...

3. My favorite music is 80's, 90's and soundtracks, i can listen to them endlessly, regarding favorite films - there are some films i can watch again and again - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Green Mile and i have some more but i can't remember them now.

4. I am a person who needs immediate satisfaction - every thing i want i usually want it NOW, of course not every time it can happen, but i can try.

5. My polymer art came after some various artistic mediums - i studied 3 years fashion design in high school, then i was a computer instructor when i was in the army (where i met my husband), teached computers and graphic design, worked as a graphic designer in newspapers and PR offices, had a bachelor degree in Hebrew language and human services, took a course in professional makeup, learned balloon sculpturing by my self, tried to be a clown but it didn't work, i wasn't funny enough, and now i am working as a webmaster and designer.

6. i have the most amazing partner and husband, he is exactly my opposite, that's why we get along so good, we are together since i was 19, and we have 2 beautiful children. i am a worried mom, but i am learning how to let go.

7. My Business and Tag name is ARCOIRIS, my work involves colors and I wanted a foreign sound to it (not English/Hebrew) so I chose the Spanish word for rainbow :) i hope to learn Spanish and Italian one day.

8. I am a clean freak, always walk around the house with a broom/ vacuum cleaner and clean the leftovers of the children/cat/husband crumbs, i know it's crazy but i can't help it, when my maid comes and cleans my house she says it's the most cleanest house she has. the only place i can't organize is my polymer clay table, everything is all around, i clean and arrange it every time i have a private lesson in my studio, thanks' god i have those for putting things back in place.

9. i need peace and quite when i work, i can never work in a stressful environment or some high-tech company where you work like a maniac so that the boss gets the big bucks.

10. i have an eye for people, i can tell in few minutes what character, personality or nature of the man/woman stands in front of me, i hate liars back stabbers, braggers, two-faced, hypocritical people (my sign is Scorpio, i think it has something to do with that)

11. I honestly do not know what I want to be when I grow up, i enjoy doing many things and everything related to art interest me (see #5). i don't know how some people work/do the same thing 30 years at work and retire.

12. My 2nd best relaxation (after polymer clay) is sitting in my home garden and reading a book.
13. I wanted to be an English teacher when i graduated from high school, but...when i came to the university they told me my English grade is too low to be accepted. This proves that grades isn't everything, because i think i have good English. When i think of it, let's face it, i don't know if i would be good at being a teacher in school, maybe that was fate.

14. I feel so embarrassed when someone tells me they admire my work, it happens from time to time when i sell my art. one day i went to the pharmacy and i wanted to pay for the things i bought in my credit card, the girl in the counter looked at the name on my card and asked me - "are you Iris Mishly? THE Iris Mishly?" she told me she is a fan of my work and so on... it was so funny, i felt like a real celebrity that day :)

15. I try to avoid watching TV, in my spare time i read/create but 2 TV series i can't miss - "LOST" and "Survivor".

16. finding 16 facts about myself (that can be told in public... :) ) is not an easy task.

(photo taken in Carnival Cruise Ship, while we were in USA, with my lovely daughter, Maya)