Thursday, January 15, 2009

Polymeri Online 15.1.09

some NZ stuff and more!

Bruce Smith - SciFi art Sculptor

Visit Victoria James site, some beautiful inro's there and her what's new page -

Tanya Marriott from New Zealand - Tanya Marriott designed and made her first doll at the age of 12, after participating in a porcelain dollmaking workshop for kids with Anne Styles in Petone. She had spent her childhood making "things" out of Fimo, and after the course, decided to sculpt her own pieces.

and of course Toni Ransfield with her beautiful polymer clay art and her egg covering expertise!
She also has a cool blog about being an american in NZ - i just laughed to tears... :)

Scott Radke is working with some special materials, his figures are both scary and facinating, even though not polymer clay, he is working with apoxy clay or magic sculpt, these are two part clays that cure in an hour or so, very interesting....(see photo)

Drawstrings in Motion has a great tutorial up on how to create a collapsible light box from foam core and posterboard that will only set you back about five dollars. Once you've taken your photos, the light box folds up for easy storage.

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  1. Iris I just saw this post today!! Thank you for blogging me! I didnt know about the other polymer clay artists in New Zealand. Very cool. You are the best pc blogger!! Hugs, Toni