Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polymeri Online 22.1.09

olya-o is a photographer from Moldova, she is 17. she is using polymer clay sculptures as beautiful scene for her stories told in her photos.

have you heard about Bleaching Baked Clay? this is a cool post by Martha Aleo's Ornamento blog - i have to try it!

take a look at Amantecatl cute White Terriers! so real! she is a Moscow-based polymer clay artist, and she is working on translating her blog and etsy to english :)

eirememories (spain?) has some cool tic-tac-toe polymer games - mice and cheese, flowers and leaf, she is also making frames to photos - check her FIMO collection...

last link comes with a warning - this etsy store is for ADULTS ONLY!! :)
i got this link from a fellow friend (should i tell who? LOL) and thought it would be funny :) thepricklyforest store is full of.... well... you'll have to check it your self (hint in the name of the store)... ;) beware...*giggling & blushing*

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