Thursday, August 9, 2007

Polymeri Online 9.8.07


My children are addicted to sponge bob, it's summer vacation here in Israel and all i hear is Patrick and sponge bob yelling (good yelling) from the TV :) sometimes i sit with them and enjoy a good laugh...

I found this Sponge bob cane by Destiny Designs - easy to understand how to build it!

If you haven't tried it before, try putting a Decal on a bead, a demo by NKP Designs - Natalie Pappas

Pamela Gilfillen - clayangel_sc is a polymer clay artist, she makes jewelry with clay and beads. Read more about her in her flickr profile.

Hoss Studio

Scott Roberts / Hoss Studio

Tami Roberts / Block Studio

Their CLAYme are caricature representations of people; using your photos as reference they sculpt a polymer clay piece of artwork that can incorporate a favorite hobby, activity, sport or special moment. they also make Customized Wedding Cake Toppers.

The Art of Consuelo Okdie by Connie Okdie, Beautiful Illustrations and Sculptures in Polymer Clay -

2 tutorials
by Connie - Polymer Clay Window Fish

and - Polymer Clay Drinking Glass

Finally, Curious Creations by Suzy Mc'Neil - Suzy makes mirrors, bowls, plaques, jewellery, sculptures and odds & ends.

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  1. Hey thanks for your nice plug on my demo decal page. I've had tons of hits! :)

    I love polymer clay and I am enjoying your blog, too! Thanks again! -- Natalie