Thursday, August 16, 2007

Polymeri Online 16.8.07

I was googling the other day and found some sites that were new to me - here are some:

Bronwen Fullington @ Coat of Many Colors design spirit dolls are the result of the artist longstanding fascination with myth and story, and the desire to celebrate the human spirit,The doll made of soft bodies of silk or velvet filled and weighted with poly. The faces and hands are sculpted of polymer clay and painted. The figures are decorated with fine fabrics and fashioned or found objects.

New Tinkle Art Room Website is The Polymer Clay and Creative Arts place, they hold Clay and Art classes and retail services and located in Singapore.

Don't miss the lovely photo of the butterfly cane -

Sandra Bruce is an illustrator but is also designing and making contemporary quilts, wearable art, polymer clay art, beading and many others! For a glimpse of very fun jewelry, polymer clay creations, wearable art and quilts, click on fun page

tatsuko Montreal - makes the great sushi jewelry, and they have no calories too :)

Valerie Moore started beading when she was 6, and have been working with polymer clay for a little longer than that.she says she is almost completely self-taught in both beading and polymer clay.

you can find 3 tutorials in her site too:

Polymer clay in new Zealand! Galleries and projects:

Found on Marjorie Zambrano blog - Little people standing near stairs - so sweet! even though one of her tags says it's not polymer clay, it can be a very original idea!

Beautiful Iguana Sculpturing from polymer clay by MJ Crafts Design Studio

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  1. Wow, thanks for spotlighting me! A correction though; I didn't start beading at 6. It was about 6-7 years ago that I started.

    Great blog!