Thursday, August 30, 2007

Polymeri Online 30.8.07

End of Summer, kids are still home here in Israel, 3 more days to school - ya!!!after 2 weeks here are some new links - few Flickr Links, and more...

Noemi - startistik (from Spain?) she is a graphic designer, artistic in soul, her biggest love in the world are the animals and especially hers :)her amazing sculpturing skills for portraits, images, figures is beautiful!

Gaby Birrer from Lungern, Schweiz makes colorful art with FIMO -
Her album:

Shirley Catherine Anderson is drawing and sculpting from life and from photos specializing in realism. she makes Custom Art Portraits, her work won several awards of excellence for sculpture.

Tamara dozier - Tamara works in several mediums, from painting to sculpting to 3D animation. Her art tends towards fantasy but she is comfortable painting and sculpting in several styles.

One of a kind Santa's and artdolls by Karen Vander Logt
Karen Vander Logt started sculpting Santa's and Art dolls in 1999. She is a self taught artist, She hand-sculpts each of her "One-of-a-kind" dolls using prosculpt polymer clay, glass eyes, angora mohair for her Santa's
and high quality human hair wigs for her dolls, along with her own handmade armature inside of a cloth body.

Marianne Reitsma dolls
Marianne comes from a creative family and has been involved with art all her life. From teaching sculpting classes to having a successful career as an international doll artist with her sister Martha Boers both from Canada, Marianne finds doll art a great form of expression. this is a true jewel, amazing!

and a photo from the "art doll quarterly"
Lady Artisan
Lady Artisan focuses on two main themes: sculpting and ancient history. She likes sculpting figures, characters she's made up, because it gives her the opportunity to explore who they are, what they’re like, and why they’re here. Ancient art, writing, and cultural themes have captured her imagination since I was very young. she works in mixed media, mainly polymer clay.

Use Tic-Tac containers for you beads :)

Carol S. Zilliacus
Carol is making Polymer PaintingShe cut or tear repeated shapes out of the blended sheet of clay. she either replaced these on the original sheet or I place them on another one. Next she put the new sheet through a wide pasta machine or an
intaglio printing press. This causes the patterns to be stretched and distorted. Next she draw designs on the wet clay & cure it. When it has cooled, she apply acrylic paint. Lastly she wipes it off to achieve an embossed effect.

Wired Ladies began when two friends in northern Minnesota, who both enjoyed crafts, began making their own beads for use in their jewelry - Sherry Gilstad - Wired Lady #1 and Mary LaFrance - Wired Lady #2 and they make these cute Wired Lady Pins -

Last - Scrap Feather Cane by Robin Milne


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