Sunday, January 4, 2015

Polymeri Online 4.1.15 | Animals on your fingers, Colorful ornaments, Drawing with polymer strings, How to save burnt clay & Yarn clay bowl

How did you start 2015? 

2015 started for me with new decisions. Mostly to myself.

2014 was creative, but in a different way.
I took a pause from the intensive race and filled my time with changes: New eating habits, sports habits, sleeping habits.
I started thinking of my second half of life.

Do we ever find time to take care of your health? Physical and mental.
Now is the time.

I've made a change building my new website from scratch, learned while making (a lot of) mistakes.
Making mistakes means we are doing new things, trying new things, learning, changing.

In my studio I am learning to work with new materials, new techniques while experimenting with my known favourite ones, expanding, researching.
Taking the time to enjoy creativity.

Let us welcome the new year with optimism and hope. :)


Jiro's perfect polymer clay animal rings
My recent actions to save animals drew my eyes to Jiro Miura's work.
This Japanese and self-taught artist made an impressive series of rings carefully sculpturing realistic looking animals.
The items are very popular and his rings are sold under his business name "Count Blue".  He is mentioned in various blogs and websites and his spectacular perfect work is to admire.

Kay's polymer ornaments
MyJoyfulMoments store (Kay Miller) is currently on vacation because all her ornaments were sold out for 2014.
She is getting ready for 2015 and all is enjoy and look at her sold items - my heart sings!
Those colours!
Quilted, animals, butterflies, trees, mini houses, figurines, snow flakes and many more! Don't miss it.

drawing with strings
SilverPepper23 Russian artist was featured here years ago. Back then she was creating tiny little flowers made into jewellery. She is still using beautiful flowers in her jewellery but I came across her string jewellery where she takes colourful thin clay strings and create a full scene out of colours. Beautiful.
She is a master with wire to wrap stones and jewels.

Leah saving burnt sculpture
Save burnt clay? Yes, Leah can do it.
Leah created her website (Magic by Leah) as a creative outlet and a means to document her sculpting journey. Crafting, especially in polymer clay allows her to bring her fantasy world to reality.
She is one adventurous lady and does a lot of different things in her life except crafting with polymer. You can read more about her story here -
In her recent creations her clay burnt so she figured creative solutions (paint) to save her work!

yarn bowl from polymer clay
Do you also wish your yarn ball wouldn't run around the house or get stuck under the sofa while you knit?
Here is a fun tutorial by Heather Painchaud to create your own yarn bowl for your yarn ball!
If we can't eat from polymer clay bowls, we can knit with it!

Wishing you a blessed 2015 :)